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Three Purchasing Options and Larger Orders


1) Direct from the manufacturer which is where you are now. 

We keep your total cost low by passing our commercial shipping rate savings on to our customers!

Additionally, there is NO TAX if your order ships to an address outside of the State of Arizona!

​2) Through our stocking Dealers. Those exclusive dealers are listed on the Dealer page and include links to their websites.

3) Through our Ebay Store located at​

We offer International Shipping through eBay's Global Shipping Program to specific nations. Total Landing Fees are generated by eBay alone.​


Outside of the three options listed above, we have NO connections with any other sales entity or company whatsoever!

Occasionally, websites appear that promote our products at a discounted rate than what is offered on our website. They act like they are selling our products and only exist to steal your money. We do our best to monitor the internet to keep our customers safe and if those websites are found, we report them to the major internet search engines, the FTC and the abuse departments of their respective listing host agencies. They investigate and in turn, shut those sites down, protecting you, our customers.


ONLY through the three options listed above are you protected and guaranteed to get what you spend your hard earned money for....100% brand new, made in America balancers!


If you are a company and would like to purchase a larger quantity than one unit, this website is set up for the individual purchase. Because of that, it adds shipping to each balancer purchased.

Please reach out to us through the CONTACT option and we will arrange the correct/lower shipping costs for your orders.


EZ Balancer

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