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"I have been building and flying RC Models for over 35 years. Over the course of those years, there are a few tools that I could not live without. After assembling my EZ Balancer and using it once, this is one of those tools. It has filled a missing niche in the market with the larger models. Gone are the days of waiting for a buddy to help approximate the C.G. with the outdated "two finger" method. Just pull it out of its convenient storage position, place the model on the unit and move the battery pack around to achieve the correct C.G. Quick, easy, and accurate are the crowning features that come to mind with the EZ Balancer. I really appreciate the small space it takes when it's in the stored position too. All I can say is "Thanks"! The EZ Balancer has made what used to be a tedious, two person, time consuming step, a thing of the past... and that means a perfect CG and more time in the air."    Greg A., Arizona

'Having been in this wonderful hobby for many years, I have never seen a simpler and more effective unit for balancing larger aircraft. Giant Scale was always a hassle to get balanced until I got your EZ Balancer. Now, I don't need any help and the tool does a quick and very accurate job. Thanks for a superior machine."

"Optimizing the position of the center of gravity is a critical step in trimming an aerobatic model and the EZ Balancer is the only balancer I have seen that makes the job easy. A man sized tool."

"I have used the EZ Balancer for two years and don't know what I did before. My planes are all 40% size, weigh in the 40 pound range and it is just not an option for two people to do the wing tip balancing trick. I recommend this great device for anyone that wants a true balance with ease."

"I balanced both my Top Flite Giant Warbirds this morning and it worked like a charm. It was a lot safer than using the Great Planes Balancer. Later this summer, early fall the Ziroli Skyraider will be sitting on it also. Thanks again for a great product."

"Your balancer was the key element or tool that enabled me to make the maiden flight without the stress of not knowing whether the thing was balanced or not. It flew just perfect right off the balancer."

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. I just received my EZ Balancer II and used it for the first time. I wish I had one of these in years past, what a pleasure to use. I fly quite a few different sailplanes and it's really nice to be able to check for proper CG without having to try to rig something up and hope it comes close to specs. Thanks again for a great product."

"This is truly a fine addition to my workshop...Congrats..."

"The EZ Balancer II arrived safely and has already been used. It works just as advertised. I particularly like the fact that the model won't fall off if it tips one way or the other."

"Balancer arrived and WOW, what good quality and so good to use. Balancing the QQ Yak 86 today Impossible on your own, but should be a breeze with the balancer. Great product guys. I'll post some good stuff on Flying Giants for you. Just love it!"

"I just balanced my F-4. I WOULD NOT fly without first checking my C.G. with your EZ Balancer. It is a MUST HAVE in every Modeler's hangar."

"I thought you would like to see one of our customer's 40% Carden 260 on the EZ Balancer II. We found the plane to be tail heavy and with the help of the EZ Balancer we were able to quickly and easily adjust the CG to the factory specs. The result was a no event and no surprise test flight. The plane flew beautifully right off the boards. You definitely picked the right name for this quality product. It's so easy to use. Don Apostolico, Don's Hobby Shop, Salina, Kansas. Don is well known for his knowlege of all things Giant Scale.
Just to bring you up to date. My friend used his EZ Balancer this past week after assembling it and was amazed at how easy balancing his plane was. I used mine over the weekend and I will vouch for what he said. It held the plane, a top wing, very firmly and balancing was really balanced perfectly."

"I would like to order the EZ Balancer 'Lite'. I have the EZ Balancer II and I don't know how I got along without it. Thanks again for making a product that makes the job easier to accomplish."

"The unit arrived this morning, what a great unit.  Thanks for the great product and the great service."

"I just wanted to say that the EZ Balancer Lite I purchased, made balancing my Great Planes Ultimate Bipe and Hangar 9 Funtana 125 simple and effective. I would say it only took 20 minutes at the most to balance each model.  The Ultimate took longer, as this was the first model I used the balancer on and I simply couldn't believe that it was that easy compared to the Hobbico machine, that I actually checked the plane three times. This, by far is the easiest tool I have used, and I have flown helicopters long before airplanes.  However, as over the past two years of flying airplanes, I have dreaded C.G. checking the airplanes. The EZ balancer has changed that completely! Not to mention that the gentleman I had a nice conversation with during my purchase call was extremely informative, knowledgeable and personable.  I very much enjoyed our conversation and learned a few things from him on that conversation.  For that, I thank him additionally. Overall, the balancer is high quality, the assembly is easy, the job it is made for, it excels at, and it is in a great price range for individuals like myself that are just breaking into the larger sized models. Thank you for a great product,"

Quotes from our Happy Customers

"Best tool I have ever bought very well made fast shipping!!!"

"Outstanding item, shipped super fast. Great Seller. Thanks!"

"Great communication and fast response. Neatly packed for shipping. Perfect!"

"Great seller very happy!"

"Item arrived quickly and as described. Nice people to do business with. Thanks"

"Great seller, look forward to many more transactions"

"Excellent transaction, great communications, and an EXCELLENT PIECE OF EQUIPMENT.....WOW!!! Works wonderfully!! Wished I had this years ago!!!"

"What a fantastic product! Extremely well made and durable and it’s absolutely perfect for what I need it for! Prompt and reasonable shipping too! Very pleased! Thanks so much!!!"

"Fast shipping, great deal!!!"

"Accurate description with prompt delivery very good service tracking number was excellent"

"Excellent communication from the seller, he also provided an invoice on request. Item arrived promptly and was well packaged. Assembly not difficult - follow the detailed instructions and you'll be fine! I have had another brand RC balancer that was not much help. and hard to use. I stopped using it. I have a small foamie that I was having difficulty getting balance - it felt tail heavy out of the box. The EZ Balancer worked a charm - yes it was tail heavy. Now correctly balanced!"

"Great communication, shipped immediately, well packaged. Very high quality device which does exactly what it’s supposed to! Highly, highly recommended!"

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