Just Released!

EZBII with HD Cross Braces2.jpg

HD Extended Cross Braces

for the EZ Balancer II

***Released and Available on the Products Page!***

  • All aluminum 3/16" thick!

  • Powder coated to match the EZ Balancer II!

  • At 32" wide, these new cross braces will accommodate 1/5th to 1/3rd scale models with ease!

  • These cross braces cover from the stock width of 17" out to 32" wide!

  • We offer a Combo kit that includes the Super Size Kit along with the HD Extended Cross Braces too!

  • 100% Made in America!


Cradle Pads for the EZ Balancer II models!

          Estimated release date of 2022

  • We are designing a whole new option to the cradle assembly for the EZ Balancer II.

  • With foam cushioning, swiveling to adapt to a multitude of airfoils and wide pads, these new additions will spread the weight load of your aircraft, adapt to complex shapes and help hold your model securely!

  • Designed to adapt to the current EZ Balancer II unit, you can buy this to replace your current cradles!


 New Projects are coming to production next year! 

                   Check back often!