Soon to be Released!


HD Extended Cross Braces

for the EZ Balancer II

  • All aluminum 3/16" thick!

  • Powder coated to match the EZ Balancer II!

  • At 32" wide, these new cross will accommodate 1/5th to 1/3rd scale models with with ease!

  • These cross braces cover from the stock width of 18" out to 32" wide!

  • Experimental model shown without powder coating.

  • A picture of the completed HD Cross Braces are shown on the F-16 picture on the "About" section of this website!

  • 100% Made in America!


EZ Prop Balancer!

  • CNC all aluminum construction custom body!

  • Propeller shaft is 3/16" H13 steel with ground precision threads!

  • Dual ball bearings!

  • Accommodates propellers with mounting holes of 1/4" to giant scale propellers!

  • CNC'd Aluminum centering cones

  • Mounts in the upper hole of the EZ Balancer II Upright!

  • Comes with a padded storage box for safe keeping between uses.

  • As an option, we will offer a separate mount for the prop balancer to use off the EZ Balancer II for those that don't have the EZ Balancer II and still desire a quality, precise instrument.

  • 100% Made in America!

  • Proposed release date of Summer/Fall of 2021!


Cradle Pads for both the Lite and EZ Balancer II models!

  • We are desigining a whole new approach to the cradle assembly for the EZ Balancers....both the II and the Lite models!

  • With foam cushioning and wide pads, these new additions will spread the weight load of your aircraft, adapt to complex shapes and help hold it in place!

  • Currently in the design and test phases, we hope for a Summer 2021 release!