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HInts and Tips: FAQ

CG location at the Tips only?

*If your model manufacturer only shows the C.G. location at the wing tips, the solution is simple. Assemble the wing halves onto the wing tube off the fuselage, lay the assembly on a clean work bench and run a string from wing tip to wing tip at the location desired. Now, you can mark the location of the C.G. at the root of the wings. We recommend using a fine line tape if you don't want to make a permanent mark on the wings. See the picture above!

Hard to see the wing cradle CG notch?

*Here's an idea if you have an issue seeing the CG notch. Take some white paint and paint the inside area of the "Notch" in the cradle so it is easier to see under the wing. It really makes the "Notch" stand out.

Rubber Cradle Guards

The rubber guard material for both the EZ Balancer II and the EZ Balancer 'Lite' as well as the base angle guards on the EZ Balancer II are shipped to us on a roll and therefore have a curl to them and can slip off. We have always recommended to glue them on for a more permanent cure and to keep from losing them. We have used everything from Goo Glue to Construction Adhesive with good luck but it is messy and can be expensive as you only need a little and most are sold in tubes that sometimes goes to waste. Here's a very neat idea sent in by costumer Dave Bryer. Use double sided tape. Most of us have that in our supply drawer. Dave used the Scotch Brand that comes on a dispenser roll just like regular Scotch Tape. Thanks Dave!

Biplane Balancing

The latest version of the EZ Balancer II allows for an additional 3" of height. If the balancer will not fit under the lower wing from the front of the wing or the rear, the model can be balanced upside down. Yes, it will be a bit more sensitive because of the natural arm length of the wheels on the landing gear but when the CG is close to right, it will settle down.

Lost cradle guards or parts to either balancer

If you should lose or damage your guards or other parts, we offer a full replacement set for both Balancers on our Products Page. We keep these in stock and typically ship the same day to keep your balancer up and running!

Does the balancer need to go under the model in a specific direction?

There is no "Front" or "Back" of the balancer. It makes no difference on the utility of the balancer to slide it under the model from behind the wing or in the "reverse mode", from the front back into the model. See the various pictures on the website for examples.

Hints for the use of the Large 1/4" EZ Locks for wires and smaller O.D. lines

Even though the 1/4" I.D. EZ Locks seem way too big for wires, you can cut a 1/4" O.D. piece of fuel tubing 1/4" long and using a hobby knife, split it down one side. Slide your wire into that fuel tubing and then the entire assembly into the EZ Lock. It will hold that wire safe and secure and even give it more vibration-proof "padding" with the fuel tubing!

Additional Height needed for your LITE Balancer?

If you have a LITE balancer and need an inexpensive way to raise the height, you can put anything SOLID under the Base Angles to raise the stock height and allow your gear to swing. I've seen bricks, books, wood, etc., used to raise the balancer. If you keep the width narrow so it's under the Base Angles, the gear will then swing and miss whatever you used to lift the balancer.

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