EZ Balancer II Super Size Kit

EZ Balancer II Super Size Kit

SKU: SS1001-01
  • Aluminum EZ Balancer II "Super Size" Kits  are made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum.
  • The parts are cut out using high pressure water cutting.
  • They are then deburred to remove any rough edges and to prepare the surface for Powder Coating.
  • All the Aluminum parts are Powder Coated to keep them looking good for a long, long time.
  • Extends the height by 4 1/2" to accomodate those truly "Large" models with very tall landing gear.
  • Now your balancer can handle the "Experimental" models such as those with Belly Tanks, Drop Tanks, Bottom Mounted Parachutes, etc.
  • All hardware is included.
  • Does not include model aircraft or EZ Balancer II shown in pictures.
  • If ordered with an EZ Balancer II, please pick the COMBO option from the product list. That choice will save an additional $10 in shipping and it will arrive along with your EZ Balancer II.




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