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We are building a new website that will be open soon! If you come to this site and it's down for a few days, please check back because we are still here! We can still be reached by email to info@ezbalancer.com for filling your needs! Thank you!
Welcome to the Black Hills Manufacturing website!
 In 2007, Black Hills Manufacturing introduced the redesigned  ALL NEW ALL ALUMINUM EZ BALANCER II  at the AMA Convention in Ontario, California and the ALL ALUMINUM EZ BALANCER "LITEat the following years show!  
Patent Pending
EZ Balancer II....designed for all models from 8lbs to AMA and IMAA weight limits. 
EZ Balancer "Lite"...designed to handle models up to 20 lbs.
"Super Size" Kit....adds an additional 4 1/2" of height to the EZ Balancer II for those extra tall landing gear.
Don't be fooled by cheap wire or wood imitations that do not work!
EZ Balancers are the only balancers 100% made in America, all metal, high quality, strong, stable and built to last virtually forever!
Eliminates the inaccuracy of trying to balance your aircraft using your fingertips.

Built in stops limit the cradle travel so you can balance your aircraft "Hands Free" without the fear of it tipping over or sliding off the balancer.
No more "Guessing" where to put your battery packs or weights. You can move them back and forth to achieve perfect balance.
 Our EZ Balancer II and EZ Balancer "Lite" are fully adjustable in widths to accomodate a large range of aircraft.
Our Warehouse is Stocked and Ready to ship now from Black Hills Manufacturing:
1) Stocking dealers: see the dealer list on the left of this page. Click on the "Black Hills Manufacturing Dealers" link to go to their website to order.
We'd like to welcome our latest dealer: Phil's Hobby Shop in Ft Wayne, Indiana! 
2) Contact us via the "Contact Black Hills Manufacturing" link on the left of this page.

We WILL meet your needs, run your safe and secure purchase through Paypal, charge only our cost for shipping on CONUS orders and typically ship to you the same day!

In addition, purchases made directly through Black Hills Manufacturing and outside the State of Arizona, are tax free!
3) Lastly, we have an eBay store open https://www.ebay.com/str/ezbalancers


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  August 2020 Update

Black Hills Manufacturing went through the process to have our balancers and all supporting accessories certified for export.

This means we will soon be ready to ship to most countries, excluding sanctioned countries listed on the Country Commerce Chart EAR Part 732.

Inquire by contacting us via the 'Contact Black Hills Manufacturing' link to the left on this website.

Operators of UAS and UAV companies...if interested, we can most likely meet your needs!

If it has wings, we can balance it!

Thank you! 




Bill Hemple 50% Extra 260. 146" span, 126" long
EZ Balancer II with one off special extensions. Look for them in the future.
40% Extra 260, EZ Balancer II and Super Size Kit
EZ Balancer II
Click the image to get more details and ordering information about this product.

Shown both assembled and unassembled

$254.95 plus S&H for the EZ BALANCER II

$94.95 plus S&H for the EZ BALANCER "LITE"

$29.95 plus S&H for the EZ BALANCER II SUPER SIZE KIT 


EZ Balancer II shown in a narrow configuration
It will accommodate up to 18

EZ Balancer II in the stored position